Juicer Quest

March 14, 2014 in Beverages, Juice, Kitchen Appliances, Stroke of Luck by Ane Fallarme

I’ve started running this year in an effort to live a healthier lifestyle and of course to shed a few pounds. I am quite happy with how I feel now because somehow, believe it or not, running actually feels so good, considering I hate the thought of sweating, I don’t really sweat so easily, so a little sweat bothers me a lot, but since I’ve started running, I’ve realized how good it feels to sweat. I also don’t feel so bloated anymore and I noticed how it significantly slimmed my belly area, which is the only thing (I think) that is wrong with my body, because all other areas of my body are just right (for my body type and my height and my age), I am not fat and I am not thin, but I have a gut and it makes me look like I am 4 months pregnant. And I hate that I’ve had several people I haven’t seen in a while asking me when I am due. Like seriously, if I were pregnant I would have announced it on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram already. Sheesh.

So anyway, I want to be healthier so I have decided to start with the Juice Diet soon. It’s said to be an effective way to detoxify the body and lose some weight.  I’m already prepping my body for the Juice Only diet that will go on for 7 days, I’ve already started to cut back on my coffee intake and have only been eating one cup of rice once a day. Starting next week, I will only eat raw food, meaning fruits and veggies only, no meat whatsoever, not even tuna, and then the week after that, it’s all juice.

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Cha Tien

December 31, 2013 in Beverages, Food Adventures, Milk Tea, Reviews, Where to Drink in Baguio? by Ane Fallarme

My first visit to Cha Tien definitely made my list of unforgettable moments in 2013 because:

  1. I never knew tea can be so filling, like literally. I was so full by the time we were done, I had a hard time walking! HAHAHA:)) No, it wasn’t because I was recently waxed, the tea actually made me feel so full. :P
  2. I was with my blogger besties, Sam and Xine.
  3. It was a Beverent.

Cha Tien literally translates to ‘tea time’ in Chinese (I forgot which Chinese language, so please if you know, tell me) according to Miss Jonalyn, who owns the shop. However, unlike the many tea shops that have sprouted in my beloved city, Cha Tien is, like its proprietor, born and raised, in Baguio City.:D/  Which is why I can understand why Xine was so very keen on wanting Sam and I to sample what they have to offer. So off we went to have tea.:)

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Charley’s Bar at C Boutique Hotel

August 30, 2013 in Beverages, Filipino Cuisine, Food Adventures, Mocktails, Restaurants, Reviews, Where to Drink in Baguio?, Where to Eat in Baguio? by Ane Fallarme

Ahhh, the monsoon season, perfect for coffee, hot chocolate, roasting hotdogs and marshmallows in the fireplace, movie marathons and comfort food. I hate getting caught in the rain because I don’t like my feet getting wet, it’s just icky, but I love the sound of the rain, I find it so comforting.

In as much as I love staying indoors during really heavy rains, I do want to get out sometimes, and eat something other than my cooking or something instant that came in a box. So when Xine of X Marks the Spot invited me and Sam of The City Behind The Fog to eat out with her, I was thrilled.Happy smiley animated emoticon

I found out later on that we were invited by Miss Gracie, who Sam introduced us to when we were promoting the Second Baguio Blog Conference back in May, to accompany her to sample some dishes from Charley’s Bar at C Boutique Hotel.

Charley's Bar at C Boutique Hotel

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