Barbecue Buffalo Wings

August 3, 2013 in Comfort Food, Dinner, My Recipes by Ane Fallarme

I looove Buffalo Wings! Which was why I was so super happy when I found Route 55.:D It’s a comfort food and it’s something I would never get tired of. My sister in law, Nini, and I used to order Buffalo Wings from Don Henrico’s whenever we can back when we were both new moms and they still lived with us.:D Those were the days!:D It was an awesome trick to divert our Mother In Law’s attention from the smell of burnt rice. Hahaha Nini!:)) Remember? That’s another story for next time.:D

Anyway, now, getting my cravings for Buffalo Wings can be easily met. Thanks to McCormick Buffalo Wings Seasoning Mix.:D

Easy Peasy Buffalo Wings by McCormick

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