Dinner and Music

January 2, 2014 in Café Will, Kubong Sawali, Restaurants, Seafood Island, Where to Eat in Baguio? by Ane Fallarme

I am a music and movie buff. There are only 3 things in the world that I am super confident to say that I am the best at, and that is Sleeping, Eating and being a couch potato. HAHAHA.:)) If such a job exists, I tell you I probably will be the best at it. HAHAHA.:))

So anyway, my point is that sometimes, music can be a good accompaniment to food. I’ve found myself enjoying mediocre tasting food because the music was amazing at that place. So, I thought about making a post about some of the dining places in Baguio City that offer live music, and here they are. Read the rest of this entry →

Café Will (In the Morning)

November 10, 2013 in Café, Café Will, Casual Dining, Restaurants, Reviews, Where to Eat in Baguio? by Ane Fallarme

Café Will is one of the most popular café, restaurant and bar in Baguio City, definitely a place to check out if you’re in Baguio City and would like to get a feel of its night life.

Will Restaurant and Cafe

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Alfoncito’s Place

October 10, 2013 in Alfoncito's Place, Casual Dining, Italian Cuisine, Restaurants, Reviews, Where to Eat in Baguio? by Ane Fallarme

The Tres Marias goes to Alfoncito’s Place! Open-mouthed smile 

Alfoncito's Place

I went on another Food Adventure with my fellow Food Bloggers, Xine and Sam, courtesy once again of Ms. Gracie. Smile You know how much I love my coffee, so when I heard we were going to a café, my heart literally skipped a beat. That was how excited I was, but, when I got there, one drink caught my eye and I just had to try it out so, no, I didn’t taste their coffee concoction, but I still liked what I had.

So before we go on to the food, let’s have a look at the place shall we?

Coffee in a Heartbeat

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