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Kitaro is definitely one of my favorite restaurants. Japanese cuisine is one of the most amazing cuisines I have ever tried, and I do try a lot of different cuisines as much as I can, because even if I don’t get to travel much, I feel like I am in a different place whenever I sample scrumptious dishes from different countries. There are probably a million cuisines to try, I have a lifetime to attempt to try it.

Anyway, as I’ve mentioned before one of my posts that we, as a family love Japanese food. It’s one of the few cuisines that my kids actually like. The kids aren’t very picky eaters, but there are just some cuisines that aren’t very kid friendly. Smile with tongue out


Kitaro is not as expensive as Teriyaki Boy but it is just as good. On one of our visits, we were kid free. Smile with tongue out

I always order California Maki on our visits to Japanese restaurants, I used to not like California Maki, because the first time I tried it, the mango used was so sour it ruined the entire dish for me. However, Kitaro uses sweetened radish instead of mangoes, whenever mangoes aren’t in season so I love it. Smile with tongue out During our visit, they used radish instead of mango and it added a nice crunch to the dish. I love it. Smile with tongue out B doesn’t really enjoy California Maki, because of the sweetness, but he eats it anyway. Smile with tongue out In Kitaro, you have the option to choose between 8 pieces of Maki or 12. I always choose the former because I needed to leave some room for the main course! Smile with tongue out It can be quite filling. Smile with tongue out 8 pieces of California Maki is priced only at Php145.00. B prefers to have the nori on the outside instead of in, but on this visit, I forgot to tell the sushi chef. Smile with tongue out


California Maki

Did you know that Japanese restaurants don’t use fish roe or caviar as garnish to sushi anymore? Yes, apparently there has been a law that makes it illegal. That orange stuff they used is shrimp roe same as what was used for sushi over at Teriyaki Boy. I am allergic to shrimps and prawns, but shrimp roe is okay. It’s not as tasty as caviar, but as a garnish, it’s not bad.

I love the noodle dishes that Kitaro offer. It is so perfect for the cold weather of Baguio City and it tastes just heavenly. It was particularly cold during that particular visit so B and I ordered a Gyoza Ramen to share. Gyoza is a steamed dumpling and then fried a little bit before adding it to the soup along with the vegetables and noodles. One bowl of Gyoza Ramen is priced at Php160.00 and is big enough for sharing.IMG_3315

Gyoza Ramen

For the main course, we ordered Tofu Steku and of course, my all time favorite dish in any Japanese restaurant, the Chicken Teriyaki. Smile

I don’t like tofu except if it is Taho. Fried, steamed, breaded or not, I just don’t like it, except as taho. Smile with tongue outI just can’t see it in any other form but taho. Smile with tongue outLOL! Open-mouthed smile However, B loves it, and wanted to try out a new dish, so I can feature more things for my blog. Smile with tongue out He was willing to take the risk for me, he’s sweet like that. Smile So anyway, the Tofu Steku is breaded and then fried tofu and then put on top of mixed vegetables and shiitake mushrooms in Donburi sauce. The sauce tasted great, however, I am not too crazy about the tofu. It was breaded and crunchy on the outside, but soft and so very taho-like in the inside. If you enjoy tofu, you’d probably like this one though, B loved it. Smile with tongue outThe Tofu Steku is priced at Php150.00.


Tofu Steku

I love Chicken Teriyaki and I always order it no matter which restaurant we go to. Kitaro’s version is as awesome as that of Teriyaki Boy’s version. I will never ever get tired of this dish. Not ever! Smile with tongue out It is priced at Php150.00.


Chicken Teriyaki

Of course a Japanese meal is not complete without the rice, and because we were kid-free on this particular visit, we did not order rice meals, which means the rice is not included with the main course, so we opted to order the special rice called Chahan Rice. It is fried rice with vegetables, shrimp and egg. It is so delicious and can be eaten alone if you want to. Smile with tongue out One serving costs Php65.00.


Kitaro is a good place to hang out with friends and family. Sometimes I drag my friends to Kitaro too because the ambiance is great and the food is awesome and affordable. I cannot wait to visit it again soon! Smile with tongue out



Ground Floor, SM City Baguio

Luneta Hill, Baguio City

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