O’ Mai Khan

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O’ Mai Khan is probably one of the oldest and best restaurants in Baguio City. It started out as a small restaurant in Otek Street, near Rizal Park, but now it has a bigger and better building located in Upper Session Road, just a few blocks away from SM City Baguio. It is now more accessible to more people as parking is no longer a problem, well it’s still a problem because it’s fully packed most of the time. Smile with tongue out

Anyway, I’ve always been a fan of O’ Mai Khan’s food and have been there a couple of times with friends and then with B, back in the old branch in Otek Street. The food is always great and the ambiance is absolutely perfect for a date or perhaps an intimate family dinner or a date.

O’ Mai Khan is a word play of the Ilocano phrase “umay kan” which literally means, come on or let’s go. However, it is a Mongolian restaurant. I find it very creative how the phrase somewhat sounds Chinese, the owners were even creative enough to have created a back story about how everything began.


You can read the back story on their menus while waiting to be seated. If you have no reservations, you must wait outside, so I suggest you call in ahead or bring a really thick jacket so you don’t freeze outside. Smile with tongue out

O’ Mai Khan is known for their Mongolian buffet spread, a must try if you’re looking to get the whole O’ Mai Khan experience. However, if you’re not a fan of Mongolian food, don’t fret because they also offer other cuisines on their menu.


beef broth soup

Just like in any other restaurant, soup is served first, and then your ordered drinks. When we visited O’ Mai Khan I was still nursing a lacerated kidney and so I opted for the banana shake, I need the potassium for my kidneys. Lucas had the same and B and Chakai opted for the strawberry shake.


Strawberry and Banana Shake

I’ve already tried the Mongolian buffet before so I didn’t go for the Mongolian buffet spread this time, but B did. The great thing about the Mongolian buffet spread is that, if it turns out awful, you can’t blame anyone else but yourself since you’re the one who’s putting everything together.


B’s Mongolian creation

I opted for something different from the menu this time.


Chicharon Bulaklak

I ordered Chicharon Bulaklak for appetizer. Chicharon bulaklak is deep fried pig’s large intestines. It sounds gross but believe me, it is so yum, I love this Filipino snack. It’s considered as an appetizer and is a great beer match too. Smile with tongue out

For the main course, I ordered Grilled Pork Spareribs with a side of buttered vegetables and cucumber salad. The serving was huge! But I was hungry so I finished the whole thing. Smile with tongue out Although the meat could have been more tender, it was a bit hard and there were chewy parts but the sauce tasted great. The vegies were cooked perfectly and gave the dish that much needed crunch. I especially loved the cucumber salad, the mixture of the vinegar was just like how my grandma made it. Smile It tasted so very good!


Grilled Spareribs with buttered vegetables and cucumber salad

Chakai and Lucas both had the Chicken Lollipop with a side of buttered vegetables. The chicken lollipops weren’t that extra ordinary, I can make it at home. Lucas ate all the vegies before I can sample any so that must mean it was pretty good. Smile with tongue out


Chicken Lollipop with a side of buttered vegetables

We went a little crazy on the desserts. Smile with tongue out Everything tasted so good. Open-mouthed smile


Banana Cream Pie


Chocolate Cake


Chocolate Mousse

The prices are very reasonable and because the serving is huge, it’s worth it. Open-mouthed smile I cannot wait to go back and go for the Mongolian buffet again. Smile with tongue out

Make sure to bring a big appetite when you visit O’ Mai Khan. Smile


O’ Mai Khan

Upper Session Road (Engineer’s Hill)

Baguio City, Philippines


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