Dinner and Music

January 2, 2014 in Café Will, Kubong Sawali, Restaurants, Seafood Island, Where to Eat in Baguio?

I am a music and movie buff. There are only 3 things in the world that I am super confident to say that I am the best at, and that is Sleeping, Eating and being a couch potato. HAHAHA.:)) If such a job exists, I tell you I probably will be the best at it. HAHAHA.:))

So anyway, my point is that sometimes, music can be a good accompaniment to food. I’ve found myself enjoying mediocre tasting food because the music was amazing at that place. So, I thought about making a post about some of the dining places in Baguio City that offer live music, and here they are. Read the rest of this entry →

Cha Tien

December 31, 2013 in Beverages, Food Adventures, Milk Tea, Reviews, Where to Drink in Baguio?

My first visit to Cha Tien definitely made my list of unforgettable moments in 2013 because:

  1. I never knew tea can be so filling, like literally. I was so full by the time we were done, I had a hard time walking! HAHAHA:)) No, it wasn’t because I was recently waxed, the tea actually made me feel so full. :P
  2. I was with my blogger besties, Sam and Xine.
  3. It was a Beverent.

Cha Tien literally translates to ‘tea time’ in Chinese (I forgot which Chinese language, so please if you know, tell me) according to Miss Jonalyn, who owns the shop. However, unlike the many tea shops that have sprouted in my beloved city, Cha Tien is, like its proprietor, born and raised, in Baguio City.:D/  Which is why I can understand why Xine was so very keen on wanting Sam and I to sample what they have to offer. So off we went to have tea.:)

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Amare La Cucina

September 17, 2013 in Amare La Cucina, Casual Dining, Family Style, Italian Cuisine, Pizza Place, Restaurants, Reviews, Where to Eat in Baguio?

Amare La Cucina Logo

Amare La Cucina is an Italian phrase that literally translates to Love the Kitchen, that’s according to Google Translate, and we all know how reliable that can be.:P Giving Google Translate the benefit of the doubt though, I think that Amare La Cucina lives up to the meaning of its phrase because only someone who truly loves their kitchen can come up with delectable eats that will leave the eater satisfied and will not soon forget the way it felt when that first delicious morsel touched the taste buds.=P~ For me, that was what I experienced when I tasted what Amare La Cucina had to offer and this is all thanks to Xine for taking me along on an eatsploration {Xine’s very own word for what I call a Food Adventure.} I will not soon forget.;)


It has been a couple of weeks ago since that day when I went on a food adventure with my fellow Baguio foodies, Sam and Xine. What? I’ve been lazy busy.:P

A couple of weeks before that, everyone was buzzing about a newly opened joint somewhere in DPS Compound and you know me, I’m not one to swim along with the rest of the school of fish, I’d rather go when everything has calmed down.:P I dislike crowded dining places where one must hurry to eat because someone is eyeing the table your currently on because the joint is packed.>:P I love food too much to gobble it all down without really tasting it and savoring its flavors, good food deserves our respect, so no to rush eating.[-X


So on to the food!=P~

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