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Our family loves Japanese cuisine, the kids included, so don’t be too surprised if most of our food adventures are in Japanese restaurants. Smile Teriyaki Boy is one of our favorite restaurants, we dine in this place 3 to 4 times in a month, sometimes even more if our budget permits it. It can be expensive, but eating out is the only luxury we indulge ourselves in. We don’t own a fancy car (just an average family car) or fancy gadgets (an iPhone is not considered fancy), but we eat out often. Smile with tongue out

Teriyaki Boy

A visit to Teriyaki Boy is not complete without sushi of course. I love sushi! I can eat it all the time and I wouldn’t mind. I love it because it’s a full meal on its own. Smile with tongue out Think, rice, viand and dessert in one! Open-mouthed smile It can’t get any more complete than that. Smile with tongue out

I love the California Roll, and so do the kids, we always order it because we love it so much. Open-mouthed smile

California Roll

The California Roll is made with sushi rice, crab sticks, mango, nori and then rolled in shrimp roe. It is priced at Php130.00, not bad for good sushi. Smile I asked them why they don’t use fish roe anymore and they said it was because there was a law passed that made harvesting fish roe illegal in the country. So boo-hoo Crying face, no more caviar in the Philippines, but I suppose they can still get it abroad, but shipping costs probably cost too much that they just had to find an alternative. The shrimp roe is a good substitute, it doesn’t have the strong flavor as the fish roe, but it’s good enough for sushi. Smile

B, however, does not like the California Maki, because of the mango, he thinks it’s kind of weird that a fruit should be with meat, even if it is crab meat. Smile with tongue out So he always orders another kind of sushi. This time around he ordered the Dynamite Roll.

Dynamite Roll

The Dynamite Roll is supposedly extremely spicy, but B said for him it wasn’t that spicy, it was too spicy for me though, I only ate 2, once to taste it and another one to review it. Smile with tongue out It’s pretty good actually, once you get passed how spicy it was. Smile The dip was yummy! Smile with tongue out The Dynamite Roll is made of sushi rice, nori, minced yellow fin tuna and fresh leeks, it is then smothered with chili oil and then rolled in Japanese chili powder. It is served with a dip. It is priced at Php195.00, quite pricey for sushi, but it’s unique and worth tasting.

Lucas and Chakai loves crab sticks, so we always order Kani Sashimi for them. It is priced at Php135.00.

Kani Sashimi

I don’t know what the one on the side was, I thought it was ham, so I ate it. It tasted like onions but spicier and it had this fresh taste. Smile with tongue out It was weirdly good. Smile with tongue out

Then it was finally time for the main course. I always order one thing in Teriyaki Boy, and that is the Teriyaki Boy Chicken Ju.

Teriyaki Chicken Ju

It’s one of their best sellers and is definitely my favorite. I’ve tried versions of this in other Japanese restaurants but theirs is still the best I’ve tasted so far. The Teriyaki Boy Chicken Ju is grilled chicken drenched in sweet and savory teriyaki sauce and topped on steamed rice and then served in the Special Ju Box. I love the box, it’s so cute. Open-mouthed smile It used to come with a cover, but somehow for this visit the cover was nowhere in sight when they served it to me. It is priced at Php198.00, it’s so worth the price.

Chakai wanted to stray from the usual Teriyaki Boy Chicken Ju that she also loves, so for this visit, she opted for the Oyako Don. We ordered the same for Lucas because he always wants what Chakai is having. Smile with tongue out

Oyako Don

The Oyako Don is a chicken cutlet braised in sweet soy, fried with onions and leeks and served on top of steamed rice and a scrambled egg is added on top. I wish the scrambled egg was cooked more, it was still a bit runny when they served it, and Chakai had to scoop it out. The kids didn’t get to finish theirs because the serving was really big. It came in a huge bowl. Priced at Php165.00, it is relatively cheap considering how big the serving was, definitely something you should order if you’re really really hungry. Smile with tongue out

B is the more adventurous one when it comes to ordering food. I am not a picky eater and I will try anything at least once, but I really hate being disappointed when it comes to food, so I rarely ever order anything new in a place where I already know what is good. It’s a good thing I have B around, he orders different things so I get to taste everything else on the menu. So far, I’m not missing anything and the Teriyaki Chicken is still my favorite. Open-mouthed smile

So anyway, B had the Katsudon this time.


It is made of pork cutlet, simmered in sweet soy sauce, breaded and then deep fried and served with onions and leeks on top of steamed rice with a beaten egg on top. Unlike the Oyako Don where the egg was scrambled and cooked a little, in this one, the egg is beaten and added to the dish raw, the heat of the food is what supposedly should cook the egg. Again it came in a huge bowl, it’s also Pho165.00, it’s so worth the price because it’s delicious and very filling.

We also ordered Tori Karaage. It is boneless chicken deep fried and served with chips and dip. Lucas absolutely loved this one, you can order Go Solo for Php170, which is enough for 2 or you can Go Share for Php310, which I imagine is enough to feed a group of 6 to 8.

Tori Karaage

We washed everything down with fresh fruit shakes, with the exception of B who had Coke Zero, I can’t have soda, so I opted for a Watermelon shake, my favorite fruit and the kids had Mango shakes. Shakes are served in tall glasses, so at Php65.00 it is so worth it.


Out if the 7 deadly sins, gluttony is one of the sins that B and I commit often. Smile with tongue out We don’t like to waste food, so we make it a point to finish everything we order, even if that means we have to stuff ourselves silly. We were so full after we could barely walk properly to the car, we literally had to walk a few more rounds in the mall just so we wouldn’t feel so bloated. Smile with tongue out The reason we keep coming back to Teriyaki Boy is not just because of the food, we also love the ambiance. It’s quiet and comfortable. Spacious enough for Lucas to roam and not disturb anyone else. Until next time Teriyaki Boy! Smile


Teriyaki Boy

2nd Floor, SM City Baguio

Luneta Hill, Baguio City

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