Where to Eat in Baguio City?

June 4, 2013 in Dining Out, Food Adventures, Foodie Thoughts, Restaurants, Reviews, Where to Eat in Baguio? by Ane Fallarme

Where to eat? or Where to eat in Baguio City? {the latter is more precise for friends who are from out of town.} is a question I get asked a lot by people, both friends and family, sometimes even strangers, from here or from out of town, just because they catch a whiff that I am a food blogger, like that makes me an authority on the best places to eat, which is great;), but can be kind of stressful.@-)

They expect me to know which restaurants are worth trying out RIGHT NOW or which ones can wait. Oh my gosh the pressure!@-) I feel obliged to make a good suggestion because like them, I don’t ever want a meal to be unsatisfying or disappointing, AND I don’t want them to have a bad experience based on my suggestion.[-X

So I take my reviews seriously, taking into consideration not just what my readers want to know about a place but also being considerate enough to the restaurant’s owners and its staff as well. There is no such thing as perfect, and there is always room for improvement, so please keep that in mind when you read my reviews.;)

Anyway, I’ve decided to make a list of places in Baguio City that I have dined in as well as the places I have yet to try. Places that I’ve tried will have a strikethrough and will be linked to its review post. I will update this post as often as necessary, adding and marking the ones that I’ve already been to.

If you’re a tourist, finding a place to dine in can be stressful, especially if you’re on a time constrained stay in our beloved city, but hopefully, this list will help you narrow down your choices and finally answer the question, “Where to eat in Baguio City?” even before you get here.

For the locals, believe me, there are still a lot of places you have yet to discover, so get out there and eat!:D

  1. 50′s Diner
  2. Amare La Cucina
  3. Army Navy
  4. Beggang Resto Grill
  5. Brothers Burger
  6. Cafe Isabel
  7. Cafe Sapore
  8. Cafe Will
  9. Cantinetta
  10. Canto
  11. Central Park
  12. City Light Hotel Cafe
  13. Cosy’s
  14. Crave
  15. Cucinino Pasta, ETC
  16. Cuore Buffet
  17. David’s Tea House
  18. Dencio’s
  19. Everything Nice
  20. Fortune Restaurant
  21. Gerry’s Grill
  22. Good Taste
  23. Gusteau’s
  24. Greenwhich
  25. Jack’s Restaurant
  26. Jay-J’s Inasal
  27. Jim’s Retro Diner
  28. Jollibee
  29. KaffeeKlatsch
  30. Kitaro
  31. Kubong Sawali
  32. Mario’s
  33. Maxim’s Tea House
  34. McDonald’s
  35. Mile Hi Diner
  36. Mr. Ching Cuisine
  37. MXT Tea House
  38. Ocha Asian Cuisine
  39. O Mai’ Khan
  40. Oh My Gulay!
  41. Pancake House
  42. Pizza Hut
  43. Pizza Volante
  44. Point and Grill
  45. Rancho Norte
  46. Sage
  47. Seafood Island
  48. Sizzling Plate
  49. Starbucks
  50. Steaks and Toppings
  51. SumoSam
  52. Sweetmates
  53. Teriyaki Boy
  54. Tradisyon Pinoy Comfort Food
  55. Yellowcab
  56. Zio’s Pizzeria

Of course I have to get out of town sometime, right?:P So here are some of the places that cannot be found in Baguio that I would love to try out given the chance and some that I’ve already tried.

  1. Cafe Adriatico
  2. Chef Tatung’s
  3. Gayuma
  4. Genji M Japanese-Korean Restaurant {Kalayaan Ave. Cor. Makati Ave. (former Kam Jung), Makati}
  5. Italianni’s
  6. Komiks Cafe Pier One
  7. Red Crab
  8. Resto Pino
  9. Saboten Philippines
  10. Uno Restaurant
  11. Yabu
  12. Yakimix
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